DNNGo PhotoAlbums Documentation 1.0.1

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A. General Information

A. Dotnetnuke Information

To install this module you must have a working version of Dotnetnuke already installed. If you need help installing Dotnetnuke, follow the instructions in Video-Library. Below are all the useful links for Dotnetnuke information.

B. Description

PhotoAlbums is an album module with multiple skins and effects. This module integrates features of Article module and Gallery module. It has advanced features (like multi-user operations, changeable skins and effects etc) and common features as ordinary articles (like posts sharing, posts comments etc). It is a perfect integration of xBlog and DNNGallery modules with stronger album access permission, album SEO optimization as well as album displaying effect.

We will offer a regular update with fresh album effects or album skins on a weekly basis, you can enjoy this value-added service free of charge.



C. What Are The Requirements To Use PhotoAlbums

To use PhotoAlbums, you must be running DNN 5.x or higher. We have tested it with DNN5.x, DNN6.x and DNN7.x.

D. PhotoAlbums Installation

You can install the module in two ways: through DNN, or via FTP. Please see the following sections for each method. If you have trouble installing the module via DNN, please proceed with installing it via FTP and you will be able to get around the issue.

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A1. Dotnetnuke Installation

Follow the steps below to install via Dotnetnuke.

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A2. FTP Installation

Follow the steps below to install via FTP.

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B. Module Information

You will see four modules on Extensions page after the module installation, they are:


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C. DNNGo PhotoAlbums Module

This is the main module, which can be used to display photo album list and photo album details, also you can use it to add data. It contains various setting options and allows to install multiple main modules on DNN, there won't be any enfluence between them.

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C1. Setting Up New photo album

Please log in to DNN using admin account and add DNNGo PhotoAlbums to a Pane.

  1. Click New Item
  2. Enter the photo album title in Title and enter the photo album summary in Summary, the summary will display on the photo album list page.
  3. Enter the photo album main content in Content Text, it will display on the photo album details page.
  4. You can add one or more categories for the photo album.
  5. You can add one or more Tags here, separating the Tags with comma.
  6. You can set keywords, description etc for each photo album, which will be good for SEO friendly.
  7. You can set SiteMap for the photo album here.
  8. Publish Date Time - Set the publish date for the photo album.
    Status - Set the status for the photo album.
    Display Settings - The article will display on the very top of the article list if you choose Top.
  9. Click Update
  10. It will redirect to where to upload the photo after clicking Update, please click Select Files to upload photo, you can upload multiple photos in once.
  11. You can modify the photo name and description in Name & Description.
  12. You can specify a photo as the photo album cover in Cover.
  13. You can sort the photo in Sort.

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C2. Photo album List

It will display all the photo album when clicking on Manage List button.

  1. You can edit or delete the existing photo album.
  2. You can view all the articles under one status.
  3. You can delete articles in bulk.

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C3. Import Export

You can import all the photo album in one module to another through this function, Except module settings, all the data, tags, pictures, categories can be imported or exported,

  1. Click Export Article List button, the data will be exported as a XML file.
  2. Choose an exported XML file, click Import Article List to import the data in this XML file.

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C4. Setting Up New Category


PhotoAlbums module allows to add unlimited categories.

  1. Click Category button.
  2. Fill in the category name on the left area.
  3. The existing categories will display on the right area, you can edit them on Edit click.

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C5. Setting Up New Tag

PhotoAlbums module allows to add unlimited Tags.

  1. Click Tag button.
  2. Fill in the Tag name on left area.
  3. The existing Tag will display on the right area, you can edit or delete this Tag on Edit click.

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C6. Comment List

All the article comments will display on Comments List, admin has the ability to delete them, there are various options in Comment Settings.




Comment Settings

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C7. Skin Options

The module contains one theme by default, you can enter \DesktopModules\DNNGo_PhotoAlbums\Skins to modify this skin.

Skin List

You can apply the skin by clicking Apply Skin.

Skin Options

You can set the appearance and animated effect for the photo list.

Skin style


You can change the CSS styles for the current skin.

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C8. Effect Options

You can set the way how image on photo details page display, 11 animated effects are included.

Effect List


You can choose the desired way to display images on this page.

Effect Options


You can set the appearance and animated effect for the photo list.



Theme style


You can change the CSS styles for the current effect.

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C9. Settings


AddThis Settings

You can set the sharing icons on the album details page here.

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C10. jQuery Settings

jQuery Enable - When it is enabled, the module will use its own jQuery library, When it is disabled, the module won't load jQuery libray.

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E. DNNGO.PhotoAlbums.Calendar Module

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F. DNNGO.PhotoAlbums.DashBoard Module

This module contains many functions, like Archive, PhotoList, RankingList, Category, Tags, image rotating effect.

Effect List

Effect Options

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G. License interface

  1. You need to go here http://www.dnngo.net and register.
  2. Please install the module in DNN and add it in a page. Then click the License link to obtain the Machine Key.
  3. You can send one email to dnnskindev@gmail.com and tell us your Invoice ID, Machine Key and Username. After that, we will generate one piece of license information. If your site is a demo site, the license is still valid when you transfer your demo site to your live site.
  4. You can go here http://www.dnngo.net/MyAccount/OnlineAuthorization.aspx and manage your license information.
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H. Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions about modules/skins or modules/skins installation process, please feel free to contact us.