An Animation Effect Collection Module

Special effect scripts, slider, rotation, cyclical, circulation etc. are included in this module, with these animated effects, your site will be more colorful & wonderful, leaving visitors an unforgettable experience.


Core Features

Diversified themes & display effects along with rich configuration options will help you create your dream sites much easier with better compatibility, and you will hardly tear yourself away from it.

Fully Responsive

Whatever device you use or whichever the way you want to view, you won’t run into any resizing trouble, because PhotoAlbums will adapt itself to any size screen automatically, which makes your site look fantastic.

High Compatibility

PhotoAlbums is compatible with DNN (7/8/9/Evoq), modern browsers and cloud servers. This high compatibility will make everything very smooth and enjoyable, and you are gonna love it.

Easy to Use

The simplified user interface and setup steps will bring you great convenience to straighten everything up with just a few clicks. You are bound to regard PhotoAlbums as the best photo albums module ever.

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Main Features

With a quick list of main features, it will help you to check our features efficiently.

Multi-effect for you to choose

We have selected more than 24 effects, it is easy for you to choose any one from the effect list to display your data. You can view the thumbnail, preview the description from the effect list, which will make it easier for you to find the wanted effect.

Ease to Use

The various options set for each animation effect will make you away from the tedious JavaScript codes. The options contain width/height, animation time, animation on entrance/exportation, nav style, theme style etc. And the detailed description of each option will make it easier for you to set up.

Share data between multi-portal

If you want to use data from DNNGallery across portals, you just need to do some simple settings.

The ability to sort in different ways

It allows you to sort manually, so that you can adjust the position of each item conveniently. Also, the ability to sort randomly will make the effect variable.

Multiple themes

Each effect contains multiple themes, which can be used to change the nav, button or color scheme etc. Choosing different themes will make the effect more compatible with the skin on your site, bringing a better look and feel.

Work with mobile devices

Some effects from the module are able to work with mobile devices in different sizes, which will bring you perfect experience in different resolutions. It will improve the interactivity a lot when touching screen.


It is easy for you to export the recorded files, which will make it convenient to exchange data between different hosts. Also our module is able to support the import/export functionality, which will make it more flexable for you to migrate data.

Microsoft Azure & DNN Compatibility

You can use our module in Microsoft Azure environment without any concern, our module is able to work with DNN8 and above, and we will release the new version promptly when there is an update for DotNetNuke.

Looking for documentation?

This detailed instruction will be a great helper in getting to know more information about our fantastic DNNGo DNNGaleryPro module.


Feature Screenshots

With a quick list of main features, it will help you to check our features efficiently.

Time Line

Frequently Asked Question

Maybe you can quickly find your answers here

Where can I get updated versions?

You can download the latest version of the module through this link:

How long do you offer free upgrades?

The free latest version is available if purchase is within two years. If your purchase is over two years, please contact us at

How long do you offer free tech support?

Free tech support will be offered if your purchase is within one year. If your purchase is over one year, please contact us at

It gives an error when clicking the Activate button?

In this case, it could be that there is a firewall in the site server. Please turn off the firewall first, and then click on the activate button. After the module is activated, please turn the firewall on again.

What’s the difference between the 3 license versions?

    You can install the module on a single portal only, belonging to either you or your clients.

    You can install the module on an unlimited number of Portals under one DNN installation, belonging to either you or your clients.

    You can install the module on an unlimited number of Portals and DNN installations, belonging to either you or your clients.
How can I get the module’s Machine Key?

After you install the module on your site, you can obtain the Machine Key by following the steps below:

  1. Add the module to the page (please ignore this if you have already done it).
  2. Click the "License" below the module, go to the module License interface.
  3. Find the Machine Key option, copy the codes behind the textbox.
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  • Policy

Upgrade policy for product version:

The free latest version is available if purchase is within two years.

If your purchase is over two years, please contact us at

Refund policy:

Notice: Before ordering our products, please take a closer look at the product description, product demo (for module you can download trial version to test) to make sure it is what you want. Or you can contact us directly before placing an order (Email:

As per our rules, within 30 days since you purchased our product (s), you can get a full refund if there are any significant problem or bug that are beyond our ability to cope with. But it is nonrefundable if the following situations occur.

  • Order (s) by mistake;
  • Due to individual preference, I don't want to keep it after purchasing it.
  • Do not know how to use the product (s) due to lack of knowledge of DNN.
  • Error (s) caused by (not the error of product itself) the third party product (s) or platform.
  • The product (s) doesn't/don't have any problem we can't solve.
  • Site error (s) occurred, but it's not caused by our company's product (s).
  • Purchase for module source version.

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