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PowerForms is a multi-effect submission form module. The module gathers multiple form effects which enable easy switch. You can set the form module to own different functional modules like contact us, order product, collect polls etc. It can be set to allow email notification to both parties after the form submission and redirect to a specified page or download a specified file. There are 13 common-used controls in the module, easy for the user to input relevant date. The super powerful jQuery validationEngine ensures the security and convenience of data verification. 


  • Compatibility with DNN7/8/9
  • Compatibility with major browsers( ie7-9、Firefox、Chrome、Safari.)
  • Support multiple animated effects, support more fresh animated form effects through updating the new version.
  • Support changing multiple theme styles through single effect.
  • Support control of appearance effect through setting parameters, the catagory and quantity of each parameter are separate.
  • Support 13+ input control type support 10+verification type.
  • Support to display the logged-in user's name, mail address, country etc in the control.
  • Support jQuery validationEngine, data verification is friendly and secure .
  • Support a wizard form interface, support grouped forms .
  • Support Premium User to have access to more animated form effects through a weekly update.
  • Support email notification to both parties after the form submission.
  • Support data export,, allows to export the collected information as cvs file.
  • Support to import/export the custom filed, back up and restore the filed in a more convenient way.
  • Support verification code, double verification of ajax and from.
  • Support the temporary storage of the un -submitted form at the input state of the form, and avoid the data loss when closing the page.
  • Support multiple PowerForms modules on one page.
  • Support Premium User to have access to more form effects through a weekly update.

Form Effect list

1. Responsive

2. Basic_Group

3. Collapsible Group

4. Fancy Box

5. Hover Fancy Box

6. Responsive2

8. External Fancy Box