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Powerful Module: DNNGo.xEvent
  • Responsive

    No matter what device you use or how you view it, you won't run into any trouble of resizing, because xEvent will adapt to any size screen automatically, making your site look fantastic.

  • DNN8 Supportive

    xEvent can shake off your doubt on its compatibility with DNN8 since our developers have made it ultra-friendly with DNN8 by means of incessantly adjusting.

  • Easy To Use

    We simplified the user interface and setup steps which gives you a great convenience to straighten everything up with a few clicks away. You are bound to describe the xEvent as the best Event module ever.

  • Event Time & Date

    Set event time and date along with several other values on the fly

  • Unlimited Event Colors

    Set custom event colors for events

  • Google Map

    Integrate google maps direct into event locations

  • Calendar Widgets

    Create various calendar widgets with xEvent widget

  • Featured Images

    Add featured images to events for an interactive event images

  • Event Type Colors

    Set colors based on event type that will override individual event colors

  • Import and export

    Import and export your event data via XML file

  • Multiple authors

    Allow multiple authors to publish event.

  • Create unlimited repeating events

    daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or choose a custom pattern for repeating occurances of an event

Theme Features
  • Calendar

  • Time Line

  • Accordion Event

More Features
Support single and multiple day events
Create single day events
Create all day events
Set event location image
Set location by latitude and longitude
Use universal time and date format through your website
Customize calendar date and time formats
Set custom event colors for events
Create calendars with featured images on list
Allow multiple authors to publish events.
Show calendar with only featured events
AJAX driven smooth month to month navigation
Allow users to rate article.
Allow administrator to set the rating times and ratings.
Set attachment for article.
Customize url, page title, keywords, and description for article.
Support article detail page to show image slider
Set the view permission for article.
Create an Unlimited number of categories
Import and export your event data via XML file
Version History

Version: 01.05.00

Added the feature to export ical files so that you can export for single event.
Added the "additional dates" button of editing events so that you can set the agenda need adding beyond the recurrence rules.
Added the "excluded dates" button of editing events so that you can set the agenda need excluding within the recurrence rules.
Optimized the efficiency of generating recurrent events.

Version: 01.04.00

Added the feature of setting a specific week of the month. Added the location for new features: Recurrent event-More options-Repeat on a monthly basis.
Added month option. Added the location for new features: Recurrent event-More options-Repeat on a weekly basis.
Added check code for rules, avoiding having to regenerate loop records when editing events every time.
Changed the day and week of the start date to default value in an optimized way when no parameter is set in Recurrent event-More option.
Optimized and changed the invocation framework of ajax service page.
Fixed some bugs when creating recurrent event records.
Fixed the bug of linking to the documentation in a wrong way.
Fixed the bug that the module skin "Skin_01_Calendar" showed incorrectly under some circumstances.

Version: 01.02.00

Added address book feature, you can input address, phone number, email,map coordinates,etc.
Replaced the feature of inputting addresses and selecting map coordinates in original event editing interface. You can search and select directly from address book in this version.
Moved the setting of event editing map icon to the address book.
Newly added event detail page to show the upcoming event, clicking the upcoming event will redirect directly.
Fixed the potential bug when generating repeat occurrence.
Fixed and optimized module’s skin, making the features more complete.
Added the compression feature for reference resource at display interface. After enabling, it will not only reduce the reference times for JS and CSS files, but will also compress the file size.
Changed some JS and CSS, and optimized the compatibility after resource compression is enabled.

Version: 01.00.00

Create the back end basic framework of xEvent module.
Create the front end basic framework of xEvent module.
Create repeat event, generate business logic code.
Create theme Skin_01_Calendar
Create theme Skin_02_TimeLine
Create theme Skin_03_AccordionEvent
Create theme EventDetail_01
Create dashboard effect DashBoard_Archive
Create dashboard effect DashBoard_Author
Create dashboard effect DashBoard_Calendar
Create dashboard effect DashBoard_Category
License Trial Standard Professional Enterprise Source
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Source No No No No Yes
Free Update No 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Install License 15 day's free trial 1 Portal Installation Multiple portals installation within a DNN Instance Unlimited Unlimited
Redistribution Not Permitted Not Permitted Not Permitted Not Permitted Not Permitted
Price 0 USD 99.99 USD 299.97 USD 499.95 USD 999.99 USD

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