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xEvent is a module which is not only powerful but also easy to use. It has integrated all the advantages that come with xblog. With the ability to change theme, with specialized dashboard module to show more theme effects, making the article event standing out.

DNN Module

  1. Standard License: You can install the module on a single portal only, belonging to either you or your clients.
  2. Professional License: You can install the module on an unlimited number of Portals under one DNN installation, belonging to either you or your clients.
  3. Enterprise License: You can install the module on an unlimited number of Portals and DNN installations, belonging to either you or your clients.

Notice: You shall not publish the module in any place for others to download, resell or re-distribute the module in any form, or transfer the permissions to anyone, crack or de-compile the module.


All images/photos used in our module demo are just for demonstration purposes and shall not be used in any of your site or distributed. If you like them, you can get them from these sites: shutterstock, pixabay, pixeden, graphicburger, unsplash, streetwill, getrefe, barnimages, picjumbo, designerspics, lifeofpix, kaboompics

Disclaimer: All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. We(DNNGo) are not affiliated with them in any manner. All information on this page is for demonstration and/or informational purposes only.

Version 02.00.00

  1. Added the feature to register events, allowing to register events in the event details.
  2. Added email templates, allowing to set the reminder templates for administrator and user , also integrated 30+ tokens.
  3. Added the feature of sending mails periodically, calddng it by commissioning the port to DNN Schedule.
  4. Added the ability that administrator can view the event registration detail page.
  5. Optimized the running speed and stability of the module.

Version 01.05.00

  1. Added the feature to export ical files so that you can export for single event.
  2. Added the "additional dates" button of editing events so that you can add agenda which is beyond the recurrence rules.
  3. Added the "excluded dates" button of editing events so that you can exclude agenda which is within the recurrence rules.
  4. Optimized the efficiency of generating recurrent events.

Version 01.04.00

  1. Added the feature of setting a specific week in a month. Added the location for new features: Recurrent event-More options-Repeat on a monthly basis.
  2. Added month option. Added the location for new features: Recurrent event-More options-Repeat on a weekly basis.
  3. Added check code for rules, avoiding having to regenerate loop records when editing events every time.
  4. Changed the day and week of the start date to default value in an optimized way when no parameter is set in Recurrent event-More option.
  5. Optimized and changed the invocation framework of ajax service page.
  6. Fixed some bugs when creating recurrent event records.
  7. Fixed the bug of linking documentation in a wrong way.
  8. Fixed the bug that the module skin "Skin_01_Calendar" showed incorrectly under some circumstances.

Version 01.02.00

  1. Added address book feature, you can input address, phone number, email,map coordinates,etc.
  2. Replaced the feature of inputting addresses and selecting map coordinates in original event editing interface. You can search and select directly from address book in this version.
  3. Moved the setting of event editing map icon to the address book.
  4. Newly added the ability to show upcoming events on event detail page, clicking upcoming events will redirect directly.
  5. Fixed the potential bug when generating repeat occurrence.
  6. Fixed and optimized module’s skin, making the features more complete.
  7. Added the compression feature for reference resource at display interface. Once enabled, it will not only reduce the reference time of JS and CSS files, but will also compress the file size.
  8. Changed some JS and CSS, and optimized the compatibility after resource compression is enabled.

Version 01.00.00

  1. Created the back end basic framework of xEvent module.
  2. Created the front end basic framework of xEvent module.
  3. Created recurrent event, generated business logic code.
  4. Created theme Skin_01_Calendar.
  5. Created theme Skin_02_TimeLine.
  6. Created theme Skin_03_AccordionEvent.
  7. Created theme EventDetail_01.
  8. Created dashboard effect DashBoard_Archive.
  9. Created dashboard effect DashBoard_Author.
  10. Created dashboard effect DashBoard_Calendar.
  11. Created dashboard effect DashBoard_Category.

Upgrade policy for product version:

Free latest version is available if purchase is within two years.

If your purchase is over two years, please contact us at dnnskindev@gmail.com

Refund policy:

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  • Due to individual preference, don't want to keep it after purchasing it.
  • Do not know how to use the product(s) due to lacking of knowledge of DNN.
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