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MD90091 - DNNGo PhotoAlbums

MD90091 - DNNGo PhotoAlbums

Price $59.99
Item code MD90091
Author V 06.03.03
Size 2MB
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PhotoAlbums is an album module with multiple skins and effects. This module integrates features of Article module and Gallery module. It has advanced features (like multi-user operations, changeable skins and effects etc) and common features as ordinary articles. PhotoAlbums is an album module with multiple skins and effects.

DNN Module

  1. Standard License: You can install the module on a single portal only, belonging to either you or your clients.
  2. Professional License: You can install the module on an unlimited number of Portals under one DNN installation, belonging to either you or your clients.
  3. Enterprise License: You can install the module on an unlimited number of Portals and DNN installations, belonging to either you or your clients.

Notice: You shall not publish the module in any place for others to download, resell or re-distribute the module in any form, or transfer the permissions to anyone, crack or de-compile the module.


All images/photos used in our module demo are just for demonstration purposes and shall not be used in any of your site or distributed. If you like them, you can get them from these sites: shutterstock, pixabay, pixeden, graphicburger, unsplash, streetwill, getrefe, barnimages, picjumbo, designerspics, lifeofpix, kaboompics

Disclaimer: All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. We(DNNGo) are not affiliated with them in any manner. All information on this page is for demonstration and/or informational purposes only.

Version 2.7.0

  1. Optimized the performance and display mode of some part of the skin and effect.
  2. Corrected the possibility of conflicts between calendar module and other ones.

Version 2.6.3

  1. Fixed the issue that users who have admin permission of the module can’t see the sorting button.
  2. Fixed the BUG that login address will be wrongly output when some SEO modules are used.

Version 2.6.0

  1. Fixed the issue that email notification is incorrectly sent under certain runtime circumstance.
  2. Optimized the stability of email notification.
  3. Optimized the compatibility of data components.

Version 1.2.0

  1. Added the data import/export functionality for albums, photos and categories, which allows you to back up or transfer your data easily.
  2. Optimized the module to support DNN7 and Windows Azure.
  3. Optimized the stability of the module and removed some bugs.

Version 1.0.5

  1. Completed the construction of Dashboard module, created effect and function list framework.
  2. Completed the transition of 10 photo albums effects which is similar to DNNGallery module.
  3. Completed the development of 5 function display templates: archive template, category template, tag template, ranking template and image list template.
  4. Completed the design and development of data filtering and parameter settings interfaces.
  5. Optimized the entire running speed of photo albums module and fixed some bugs during specific operation.

Version 1.0.0

  1. Completed the module frame constitution, created collection of skin and effect.
  2. Completed the skin management interface.
  3. Completed the effect management interface.
  4. Completed the first set of skin and effects which allow a basic photo album.
  5. Completed transition of miscellaneous functions, like tags, comments, sharing and comments setup interface.

Upgrade policy for product version:

Free latest version is available if purchase is within two years.

If your purchase is over two years, please contact us at dnnskindev@gmail.com

Refund policy:

Notice: Before ordering our products, please take a closer look at the product description, product demo (for module you can download trial version to test) to make sure it is what you want. Or you can contact us directly before placing an order (Email:dnnskindev@gmail.com)

As per our rules, within 30 days since you purchased our product(s), you can get a full refund if there is any significant problem or bug that is beyond our ability to cope with. But it is nonrefundable if the following situations occur.

  • Order(s) by mistake;
  • Due to individual preference, don't want to keep it after purchasing it.
  • Do not know how to use the product(s) due to lacking of knowledge of DNN.
  • Error(s) caused by (not the error of product itself)the third party product(s) or platform.
  • The product(s) doesn't/don't have any problem we can't solve.
  • Site error(s) occurred, but it's not caused by our company's product(s).
  • Purchase for module source version.