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MD90072-DNNGo.DNNGallery 25 effect in 1

MD90072-DNNGo.DNNGallery 25 effect in 1

Price $59.99
Item code MD90072
Product Version V 06.05.04
Size 3M
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DNNGallery is an Animated Effect Collection module.This module assembles multiple image effects like special effect scripts, slider, rotation, cyclical, circulation etc. Multiple theme styles in every Animated Effect can adapt to different skin styles. You can set parameters for each effect separately, which allows you to control the animation speed, interval time, and slider mode conveniently. We will offer a regular updation with integration of fresh animated effects on a weekly basis, you can enjoy this value-added service free of charge.


  • Compatibility with DNN7, DNN8, DNN9.
  • Compatibility with major browsers( IE、Firefox、Chrome、Safari.)
  • Support multiple animated effects, support more fresh animated effects through updating the new version.
  • Support changing multiple theme styles through single effect.
  • Support control of appearance effect through setting parameters, the catagory and quantity of each parameter are separate.
  • Support Premium User to have access to more animated effects through a weekly update.

Effect list

  • 1. AnythingSlider

  • 2. NivoSlider

  • 3. SkitterSlidershow

  • 4. LofSiderShow

  • 5. FlexSlider

  • 6. liteAccordion

  • 7. jQueryTabs

  • 8. Trans Banner

  • 9. jQuery UI Accordion

  • 10. Flip Wall

  • 11. Grid Navigation

  • 12. Slider 3D

  • 13. Uno Slider

  • 14. Image Scroll

  • 15. Gallery View

  • 16. Camera Slider Show

  • 17. Weather Slider

  • 18. ImagesLoaded

  • 19. Portfolio

  • 20. Photo Gallery

  • 21. LinkAndZoom

  • 23. LayerSlider

  • 24. OurTeam

Module license

License Trial Standard Professional Enterprise Source
Private Assembly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Source No No No No Yes
Free Update Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Install License 10 day's free trial 1 Portal Installation. Multiple portals installation within a DNN instance Unlimited Unlimited
Redistribution Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted
Price 0 USD 59.99 USD 179.97 USD 298.99 USD 599.90 USD