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We provide professional document management and download function, suitable scope includes: document management, file sharing, members to download, and the media download, and so on. It can make your DNN site be easy to become professional download website. This module is simple to operate and files can be uploaded through bulk upload. Management interface is simple and efficient, it's handy for you to manage amount of files. Frontend interface applies Velocity template language. There are multiple sets of theme templates in backend for you to shift. Theme templates can be imported through installation package. You can make more beautiful and powerful frontend effect on your end. If you can't do it, we can also help you customize it.


  • Bulk upload files and it includes progress bar. File upload and store no longer reply on inefficient DNN file management, we developed brand new bulk upload.
  • Templates apply Velocity template language which can allow you making more powerful display interface.
  • Under single download info, it can includes multiple files to download.
  • For file upload and store, it doesn’t reply on inefficient DNN file management any
  • Allow configuring category for files, which is easy to manage.
  • Simple and clear interface, easy to operate and use.
  • Assigned mailbox will get reminding email after file downloaded.
  • Change file listing and file detail interface flexibly and freely.
  • Captcha confirmation improves security of visiting files.
  • It’s intuitive to view log record of downloaded files and status of files downloaded.
  • It can set maximum degree of the download according to each role.
  • It supports comment's avatar service from Gravatar.com site. It can support avatar rating, changing default avatar, random avatar and so on features.
  • It supports sharing service from addthis.com. It can support feature of changing and customing share icon. Furthermore, it can also provide visitors statistics feature.
  • Compatible with DNN4.x&5.x&6.x
  • Support widely used browsers, such as IE, FireFox, Chrome and Safari, Opera.