Friday, June 23, 2017
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xBlog is a blog program based on DNN, it has powerful functions and unique design style. In addition to article management function which common blog module has, it also includes special functions of theme management, template editing and ping service etc. The theme and template apply Velocity template language. This template language is widely used and simple. Combined with HTML, you can create all kinds of blog interface freely. Themes can be exported/ imported as well as switched between each other freely. Furthermore, we provide numerous themes and DNN blog skins for you to build your amazing website.

  • There are multiple sets of themes included in this module and we will add more built-in themes in each upgrade, this is similar with wordpress online theme installation.
  • There are multiple Banner Slider effects built in each set of theme, which can be displayed freely through Views module.
  • Support FriendlyUrl of articles to make it easier for SEO.
  • You can randomly install or export your themes and switch between them freely.
  • You can edit template file for corresponding theme. We apply Velocity template language, which is simple and widely used.
  • You can own powerful blog function as Wordpress and it belongs to DNN platform. We are working hard towards this direction
  • You can setup various article states or timing release function.
  • Support comment's avatar service from site. Support avatar rating, different default avatar , random avatar and other features.
  • Support sharing service from You can change and customize sharing icons freely . Furthermore, it is available to collect users' statistics.
  • Support perfect comment management and spam comments filtering functionalities.
  • Support multiple authors to maintain the blog simultaneously, support administrator to review the posts.
  • Support to import/export data, the data contains articles, categories and images etc.
  • Support sitemap, the module has separate Sitemap containing categories and articles.
  • Support Windows Live Writer to compose blogs, support MetaWeblog API.
  • We will provide more functions in future upgrades to satisfy your requests better.

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