• Compatibility with DNN6.X ~ DNN7.X.
  • Multiple browser support (IE 7+, Safari, iOS Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera)
  • Support multiple animated effects, support more fresh animated effects through updating the new version.
  • Multiple Skins — four attractive themes for your accordions (basic, dark, light and stitch).
  • HTML & Visual Content Editors — use the HTML editor if you’re more comfortable with markup.
  • Click or Mouseover Activation — activate the tabs of your accordions on click or on mouseover.
  • AutoPlay — accordions can be set to automatically cycle through all of the slides.
  • Pause on Hover — set an option to pause the animation cycle on hover.
  • Style Options — customise the appearance of your accordions with a multitude of style options.
  • Easing & Speed Options — transition speed, cycle speed and easing function options.
  • Captions — enter captions for your slides; toggle the captions on and off in the content editor.